Do you know what makes a good salt. That is a key question to anyone interested in buying a healthy salt as well as anyone interested in the science behind the salt.  There are difference between unrefined and refined salt.  Refined salt, which lacks minerals, is a devitalized, unnatural product that is best avoided.  On the other hand, unrefined salt contains a full complement of minerals essential for maintaining optimal body function.  The most important factor in selecting a particular salt product is to choose on e that contains minerals and has not been refined.  The minerals in salt give the salt its particular color.  Different salts have varied mineral levels depending on where they are harvested.   Therefore, certain unrefined salts may look grey, while others may contain different colors including shades of red or green.  Refined salt products are not compatible with a healthy diet.  You can usually recognize a highly refined salt product due to its pure white color and its very fine crystals.