Great example, a women who is 60 year old english teacher, was diagnosed with breast cancer in 1989.  She refused conventional therapy and looked for other option.  She found a holistic doctor who recommended that she take 2mg/day of iodine in addition to a regimen of vitamins and minerals.  She was also diagnosed with hypothyroidism and treated with thyroid hormone.  Over the next ten years, She felt well and continued to teach.  The tumor metastasized in early 2005.  Joan’s tumor markers also increased and she felt very fatigued.  She lost pounds of weight by July 2005, She felt like i was dying.  She said, After she read of Dr. Abraham’s research on iodine, she found a doctor to prescribe 62.5mg/day using a tablet form of Lugol’s.  As she increased the iodine, she was able to stop the thyroid hormone.  After six weeks of taking the higher iodine dose, Joan had a PET scan. The PET scan showed that all of the existing tumors were disintegrating.  The Central areas of the tumors were disintegrating after just 26 days of taking a higher dose of iodine.  I am so grateful for this information as it is surely saving my life. This case is not unique.  Iodine can cause tumors to shrink and necrose from the center.  I have observed similar results with nodules and cysts in the thyroid, ovaries, and uterus after instituting ortholodosupplementation.