It is very difficult to get Iodine into a solution that uses water as a solvent.  Its was Dr. Lugol discovered, by using the reduced form of iodine increased the solubility of the iodine.  A good iodine must first be reduced to iodide.  Than, the science majors, this means that the molecule of iodine has gained an electron, which allows it to form a salt with certain elements like potassium and sodium.  Dr. Lugol solution, former potassium iodide is full complement of electrons in the iodine molecule, it is referred to as iodide.  It was thought that the intestinal tract could easily convert iodine to iodide, but research has shown this is not true.  Different tissues of the body respond to the different forms of iodine.  The thyroid gland primarily utilizes iodide.  To decrease the incidence of goiter, potassium iodide was added to table salt.  The breasts, on the other  hand, primarily utilize iodine.  Studies have shown that iodine deficiency can alter the structure and function of breast tissue.  This can include dysplasia and atypical that is the forerunner for breast cancer.  Animal studies have shown that iodide is ineffective at reversing the pre-cancerous lesions of animal breast tissue, whereas iodine is much more effective.  Research has also shown that iodine, not iodide, will decrease lipoperoxiadtion of breast tissue.  Lipoperoxidation is a chemical reaction that can cause damage to the lipids of the cell membrane and mitochondria.  This can lead to many serious illnesses such as caner and autoimmune disorders.  So a lipoperoxidation has been found to be elevated in breast tumors and animal breast tissue exposed to agents that promote cancer, iodine decrease lipoperoxidation in the body.